Bare makeup

Most of the time we makeup doesn't mean to change ourselves, just want ourselves become  looks better on the basis of the original. So, how to make a naked makeup is a problem for many of us .  Then Come  with little Talika Lipocils  compiler to learn the drawing methods of the naked makeup eye makeup!

Natural is the requirements of Nude makeup , which can enhance the sense of three-dimensional outline of the eye, and lighten down the feeling of makeup.

Naked makeup  steps:

Step 1:  With eye shadow brush dipped pearl pink eye shadow, painted on the upper eyelid and lower eyelid as rendering.

Step 2: Use a smaller eye shadow brush dipped in bronze eye shadow, painted from the back to the front fold in the upper eyelid and one-third of the lower eyelid.

Step 3: With a flat head of the eye shadow brush dipped in dark brown eye shadow, along the eyelashes root to draw a thin eyeliner,  and have a natural extension of the eye end.

Step 4: Clip eyelash With lash curler . Coated with mascara, this naked makeup eye makeup will be completed.

  • Sep 21, 2016
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