How to draw a nice eyeliner

Do you know that, in addition to the long thick eyelashes has to make the eyes  become more nice and bright ,  eyeliner can also have the same effect. There are some techniques, which you need to pay attention. Now Let's learn it together.

1. Should not leave blank

Master eyeliner direction, raising the eyelids slightly with your fingers, then fill the roots of eyelashes, repeatedly painted.

2. The outer eyelid begins from the eye head

when drawing the Eyeliner , it should be close to the root of the eyelashes, starting from the eye segment  to draw, smooth eyeliner to smooth, can not have gaps.

3. Triangular eye tail to increase the eye

In the outer corner of the end of the eye position can be gently lengthened, in the inner corner of the eye, the eye and the upper eyeliner to connect the natural, and to become a closed triangle.

  • Oct 27, 2016
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