Three steps to create curling eyelashes

Eyelash can display the outline of the eye, add the verve of eyes. Eyelash with black and a micro radian will seems more beauty. Eyelash has become  one of the important decoration parts on the face for a human, especially the female. In order to make a pair of more brilliant eyes, we usually use eyelash clip to curler out one radian on the eyelash.However, many people find clip eyelash is not easy, such as the eyelash is easy to fracture when you clip it, or the camber is not natural, and so on. Now with Talika Lipocils Editor to look at how to create a natural curl shiny eyelashes with the right strength and technique .

STEP1: Before curving eyelash,  keep eyes watching the direction where is about 45 degrees under the oblique , and divide  the whole  eyelash into the left, middle and right three parts in mind .
STEP2: First let  eyelash curler  close to the middle part of the upper eyelash, then  clip one time on the root of the eyelash, then is the central, and the last one on the top. Each folder should be kept for 3 - 5 seconds to ensure that  each site are curled.
STEP3: When the middle part is done, and then clip the left and right sides lashes in the same way.
  • Oct 21, 2016
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