Which should pay attention before grafting false eyelashes

The Beauty teacher to remind you, Because grafting eyelash is a very detail-oriented work, when choosing grafting eyelash stores, you should to make sure the store used materials, technology and environmental  is  correct and safe.

Grafting eyelash is not only to make thick eyelashes, but also to make the eyelash extension

A lot of people to stay on the opinion that  beautiful eyelashes is like false eyelash, which has excessive thick feeling. The Beauty teacher said the eyelash of the most perfect state is, to make oneself originally eyelash becomes  longer, rather than an utter shock, to create the fit with your eye eyelash is the most important.

Do not to use discharge makeup oil after grafting  eyelash

Cleansing oil is easy to make the loss of grafted eyelashes, it is suggested that it is best to use cleansing water to discharge makeup, in addition. In order to make eyelashes to be stronger and could continue to grafting eyelashes healthy, you can use eyelashes nourish to maintain eyelashes.

The eyes discomfort after grafting eyelash

If you find your grafting eyelash often intertwined, or often feel foreign body sensation, which means you may not be suitable for grafting eyelash.

Of course, the natural is the most beautiful, Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Growth Gel can make your eyelashes   natural growth again, thickening and extension. Talika will be your best choice.

  • Oct 18, 2016
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