How To Draw A Nice Eyeliner

In addition to the long thick eyelashes has to make the eyes  become more nice and bright ,  eyeliner can also have the same effect.

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Three Steps To Create Curling Eyelashes

Eyelash can display the outline of the eye, add the verve of eyes. Eyelash with black and a micro radian will seems more beauty. Eyelash has become  one of the important decoration parts on the face for a human, especially the female. In order to make a pair of more brilliant eyes, we usually use eyelash clip to curler out one radian on the eyelash.

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Which Should Pay Attention Before Grafting False Eyelashes

In order to make the eyes to be more beautiful  and charming, more and more people choose to graft false eyelashes. But before you decide to grafting false eyelashes, you need to learn about these things.

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Bare Makeup

Most of the time we makeup doesn't mean to change ourselves, just want ourselves become  looks better on the basis of the original. So, how to make a naked makeup is a problem for many of us . 

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How To Become More Attractive

Highlight your eyes can make you have an impressive appearance, and  to stand out in the crowd at the first step.There are different ways in which you can highlight your eyes and make a great impression on the onlookers.

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How to Apply Mascara

Everyone wants a perfect appearance. And you've heard many times that your eyes are the window of the soul, then how to make it attractive ?

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